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play_some_shows's Journal

Play some shows!!
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This community was created for people that may not be "hooked up" as far as getting shows in their own towns and other cities goes.
Basically, this is here for people to come to for TRADING shows. Example... I ask Dan in Nashville if my band can play Nashville at some point and in return I give Dan's band a show in Louisville, where I live.

You do not HAVE to trade. If you book shows and just need an extra band you can post here looking for one even if you don't need a show back in return.

HOWEVER, if you post asking for shows from other people and do not offer shows in return I delete your post because that defeats the point of a show trading community.

Also... Personal arguments will be deleted, flame wars will be deleted, far off-topic posts will be deleted, posting shows flyers without offering a spot on the show or a trade will be deleted.

Keep your post in the realm of giving and gettings shows and everything will be great. Also, helpful information, such as posting links to your local hardcore/punk/indie/metal message boards is okay since those are usually show resources.

have fun!

There are dishonest people in world, even in punk and hardcore. There will be people that post on here pretending like they are into trading shows but they will be super nice to you to get a show by you and then never speak to you again.
It is up to YOU to communicate with anyone in the community beforehand and only work with people you feel you can trust.
I would recommend getting phones numbers and actually speaking to this person if anything.
If I find out someone in the community is screwing people over I will ban them and let everyone in the community aware so we can all avoid working with them.

Remember, this is a community for people serious about trading shows.. not using people.